SnowJam; What YOU Need To Know

I got an email the other day, to which I was a little bit more than a little bit excited about.

This past winter I rounded up the sisters and we headed away to Mt. Tremblant in Quebec for a truly magnificent mountain weekend.

Campus Vacations, the company that hosts the trip, just released the 'After Movie'.

Watch it, and you'll get an idea of what goes down on a SnowJam weekend.

Not to worry if you missed it last year; SnowJam is going to have their 10 year anniversary this winter, and you could be part of the trip! (Which I think goes without saying, but, you WANT to be there. End of story.)

Here's a look at what your SnowJam weekend might look like this coming winter.

Here's what you need to know about SnowJam:

1. Bring Some Ridiculous Outfits:

Ridiculous outfits are strongly encouraged on the slopes and while out for the night. So go take that 80's ski onesie out of dads closet and pack it, because that's your ticket to a guaranteed conversation starter and many new friends.

2. Who To Go With:

SnowJam booking happens in groups/books by room. Get 3 or more friends together to go and book together!


If your friends are not the SnowJam type (might I suggest finding new friends?), then you should head on to Facebook (search "SnowJam Roommate Finder") and find others who need someone to fill a spot in their room.

Pa-rouse all the posts of people looking for roomies, and 'Voila' you just got yourself a crew to hang out with for the weekend who likely are as die-hard about skiing/boarding and partying as you are. Your new roommates will be VERY happy to have found someone to fill the spot in their room, and will likely welcome you to the group whole-heartedly!

3. Ski/Snowboarding Ability Is Not Necessary:

A large part of SnowJam is the actual skiing/boarding, and for those of you who do ski/board Ill let you know the hills are fantastic!

However, I've had a few friends attend just for the fun of SnowJam, who didn't touch a ski/board the entire weekend. They just got a head start on us for the night, and mostly spent time making friends in the hotel hot tub during the day. They are just as excited as the rest of us to head up again to SnowJam again next year.

So don't worry if you cant ski or board, there will be others up for the weekend as well in the same boat who are still having a blast.

4. Book A Suite, Not A Room:

The best kept secret from all previous SnowJammers is: book a suite, not a room.

Food is pricey in the village, so to cut costs, pay a bit more a night for a suite that comes with a kitchen instead of just a room, and you'll save in the long run on the price of food. (The coach stops at a grocery store so you can load up on food and drinks just before heading into the village.)

5. A Village Full of SnowJammers:

Campus Vacations packs the SnowJam weekends full of students from a variety of schools. It feels as if the entire village is there for SnowJam, and its University-Student Central.

Story Time: When I went, I posted a photo to Facebook of the girls and I 'SnowJamming.' A friend from another school commented that he was there too. After a quick exchange of room numbers, hoping we were in the same hotel, I got a knock on the door, and BAM, there was one of my UWO friends!

Moral of the story is: If you have friends at a lot of other schools in the area, check what weekend their school goes up, and either room with them, or plan to merge your groups for ski trips and nights out once you reach the mountain! More Friends = More Fun.

(Hey Dani! See you and the guys next year at SnowJam again!)

Check the website for SnowJam info, or like the Facebook Fanpage to see SnowJam updates on your news feed.

Booking happens in the fall, around the beginning of October. So start saving those pennies now while you have a summer job my fellow student. 

(FYI: SnowJam happens in Mt. Tremblant, Blue Mountain, Whistler, and Fernie with school from the Western provinces, Ontario, Quebec, the Northern States and Eastern provinces. You can search if you school has a trip on the Campus Vacay website!)