A Sailing Celebration

Boat Smiles.JPG

I just got back from Toronto after an amazing weekend, full to the brim of catching up with friends who I hadn't seen in some time!

A friend, Jera, organized the perfect summer birthday celebration on Saturday! (Happy Birthday m'dear! Best wishes for the future!)

We were scooped up by Sailing For You in the 'Teddy Graham' for an afternoon cruising around the Toronto Harbour. Our Captain Paul helped us out testing our hand at steering the yacht, and Mike kept us full the whole ride with delicious appetizers! (The herb cheese, and those cookies were to die for Mike!)

However, before we headed out on the boat there were presents to get to.

In case you cant tell from the vintage suitcase, Jera also loves to travel!

Yacht Birthday Birthday M9159 6:22:2014.jpg
Yacht Birthday Birthday M9157 6:21:2014.JPG

Jera received the Sex and the City box set, wine, letters, cards, more wine, and the vintage suitcase! All just for being born, what a deal!

Okay, now to the boating!

Might I suggest finding yourself a glass of wine to enjoy this post to? She's a long one, with lots of pictures!

I should mention, I may have gotten sailing-happy and steered the yacht half of the time...

Just call me Skipper Paige!

I then proceeded to make many jokes about everyone's lives being in my hands. Not to worry though, we got some safely!

After our afternoon of sailing, we picked up dinner (saw this Cheesy sign), and got ready for our night out.

Our weekend of fun didn't end there however! There are a couple more posts to come detailing the weekend, so come by and visit PbP again soon to see where the rest of the weekend took us.

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Hope you had a fun-filled weekend as well!

Paige, xox


Outfit Details:

The dress (It's no longer available in navy, but you can get it in pink or light blue!).

The necklace is from Sparkling Sage. (I bought it through the online shopping club Beyond the Rack. For an invite to BtR, check out my private shopping clubs post here!)