The 7 Essential Items For Festival-Going

1. Closed-Toe Shoes:
You might think this is lame, and reminds you of work, BUT some sort of small boot, Toms, Keds, flats, rain boot, etc. will be your bestie at the festival.

You'll most likely be in a grassy, sandy or dirt filled field, and green/brown feet is not a good look. Also, proper shoes are much better to dance in than flip flops/wedges, and that's what its really all about right?

A lot of people do combat boots at festivals, I'm personally not a big fan, but if that's your thing, go for it! They fit the closed-toe description well.

2. Small Cross Body Bag:
You'll want a no-hassel bag that you dont have to hold on to for hours on end.

So leave the purse or clutch at home, and pick up a small side bag that you dont mind getting dirty. This likely means not a designer bag (sorry!)

3. Sunnies!
I'm going to hope your festival is on a bright and sunny day! If that's the case, sun glasses will:

1. Be useful

2. Be stylish

4. Sunscreen:
Get a small travel sized sunscreen with UVA & UVB protection and pop it in your little side bag.

Similarly to how green/brown feet are not attractive, neither is leathery skin at 40 or skin cancer.

(For a phenomenal, and brutally honest post on still keeping a summer golden glow, without upping your chances of skin cancer, check out Allyson Arrigo's 'A California Girl's Guide To The Sun').

5. Kimono or Cardigan:
Festivals tend to be a full day and night event. Tie your kimono/cardigan to your side bag during the day so you don't have to carry it, and wear it when the sun goes down.

6. Toilette Paper:
I would put money on that when you go into that wonderful festival grounds Port-O-Lette it wont have toilette paper. Put a small amount in your bag. (You will thank me for this unusual tip later.)

7. Cash:
Some vendors at festivals wont take debit/credit and that ATM line is going to be brutal.

You could bring a VISA in case, but generally cash will be quicker and easier than dealing with the debit/credit machine even if there is one.

Bonus. Flower Crown:

While I wouldn't necessarily call it an essential item for practicality purposes, an essential item for enjoyment purposes would have to be a flower crown! Just so happens I wrote a post on how to make one! Get craftin' my friend!

Need some more festival look inspiration? I've got a Pinterest board for that. Take a look here!

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