Bucket List: Choose A Specific Travel Photo, and Go!

Lucerne Switzerland.jpg

I've done lots of traveling in my life, and I love it to say the very least.

I also like to have fun with my travels, and on occasion do things for silly reasons.

Once when I was looking for a reading week trip I was trying to determine where in Cuba to go. I ended up choosing Cayo Coco because I really liked the sound of the name 'Cayo Coco'. It sounds like it could be the name of a tasty tropical drink!

My next silly travel decision? Well, maybe its not that silly, but I also dont think its something most people do.

While browsing through my Bucket List Pinterest board, I started to think, "Hmm, how cool would it be to pick a specific place in a photo, and then set it as a goal to get the exact photo with me in it?"

So here is my decision. I found a photo of a bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland. It looks calm, beautiful, and I've only ever stopped in Switzerland quickly while on my way to Germany before. I never really got to enjoy the country.

So Im setting my goal! One day, in no definite time frame, I will take a photo of me standing on that bridge in Switzerland!

Will you take up the challenge too?

Comment with a link to a photo of somewhere you one day plan to visit, and take a photo of yourself in that exact location!

Excited to see all the places you plan to visit!

Here's a couple more photos of Chapel Bridge to show you why I fell in love with it. (Fun fact: it's the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe).