Muskoka Bound

This past weekend marked what many Canadians consider to be the 'Official Start of Summer,' also known as 'May Two-Four' weekend. 

Some friends and I packed out bags, popped into the car and headed north. We ended up at a darling and rustic cottage in Muskoka, then proceeded to have a wonderful relaxing long weekend.

Here's a taste of our weekend... get it?

Dinner Cucumbers.JPG
Roast Chicken.JPG

There was some shopping to be done in town. 

Muskoka Town.JPG
Algonquin Outfitters.JPG
Jack Daniels2.JPG
Jack Daniels.JPG

A stop by the Kee To Bala, a dance hall which has been the place to go in Muskoka for years.

Kee To Bala.JPG

A trip to Turtle Jacks, a very Muskoka-esque grill, was perfect for some post dinner girly drinks. 

(Though not pictured, be sure to try out a 'Night Paddle' drink. It sounds romantic, looks like someone dropped a glow stick in your drink, and tastes fantastic). 

At Turtle Jack.JPG
Turtle Jacks Drinks.JPG

When the weekend ended and it grew grey and rainy we packed up and headed back home. Not before taking some quick snaps of 'The Boathouse' and a last photo of the lake. 

The Boathouse-1.JPG
Cloudy Lake.JPG