DIY Flower Crown for $15

The flower crown. It's a pretty wonderful summer accessory, yes? 

Ready to make one? Good!

These are easy to make yourself, and will cost you a whole lot less than if you went out to buy one from a store.

PicMonkey Collage15.jpg.jpg

I made two crowns with all the materials I bought, and my total cost was around $30.00. I bought all my supplies at Michaels. 

All the fake flowers were on sale when I went in, however, even if they weren't, sign up for the Michaels email list and they send promotion codes out extremely frequently, so you can get your fake flowers for relatively little as well. 

I should also add that I bought the more expensive, large flowers, and used A LOT of flowers for one of the crowns ... keep reading for some funny photos to go along with that.

My point is, buying smaller flowers than I did might be a better idea for cosmetic reasons, and for financial reasons. 

Here's all the materials you will need:


- Glue sticks & hot glue gun (optional)

- Wire cutters

- Scissors

- Garden wire

- Floral tape

- Fake flowers (mostly small ones, only use a couple medium sized ones, avoid the large ones... again read on to see what I mean)

- Decorative pearl string (optional)

Here's how to make your very own Flower Crown:

1. Measure your head and twist the garden wire to fit in a circle around your head. (I used garden wire that is a bit more thick than most. If you use the thin stuff, do a couple loops and twist them together to make a more firm base).

2. Cut some flower with wire cutters, leaving a couple inches of the stem. 


3. Bunch a few flowers up


4. Measure out some floral tape, and cut with scissors. 

5. Wrap the floral tape around the stems. This is the tricky part, and will take two hands. 

TIP! The floral tape becomes a lot more sticky once you pull on it, so pull and wrap at the same time. 


6. Though the floral tape is sticky, the end of the tape doesn't tend to stick to itself very well, so a spot of hot glue on the end of your tape piece is helpful. 

If you have a glue gun, use it, if not, its okay, thats just an optional step! 


Your bunch should look something like this once you're done wrapping and gluing it.


7. If you want to add the little pearl strings, or any other item, you can also wrap them in with floral tape.


8. Repeat the previous steps, and make lots of little bunches. Lay them around the perimeter of your garden wire loop to get an idea of how many you need to make.


9. Place one flower bunch on your wire loop. Wrap floral tape around the stem of the bunch and your loop.


It should end up looking something like this! Again, if you have the hot glue gun, use it to glue the end of the tape strip.


10. Wrap more bunches along the loop and make sure to point them all in the same direction. 

You're done!

Now here's the funny bit I mentioned before. The crown might not look that big while you're making it, warning, it looks a lot bigger once you put it on.

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG

See my point? It looked laughably large, so I took some silly photos with it, then started working on my second crown.

My advice from trial and error is... Either use small flowers in bunches (suggested), or medium flowers, and don't bunch them, just wrap them right onto your loop. That's what I did with the second crown.


Here's a last photo of what your regular sized crown might look like on. 

photo 7.jpg