The Perfect Study 8track


I just recently hit a life milestone. I completed all my undergraduate degree course work!

The last four years were full of so many memories, and a LOT of nights typing away on my Mac.

During those last few long April nights of friend-filled essay writing/study sessions this 8tracks playlist got me through.

Click here for the Escape 8track!

It is the perfect mix of chill songs with a beat to keep you going… oh and it reminds me of summer, which is what really fuels my love for it.

Here are some previous PagebyPaige summer photos to add some sunshine to your day.

blue jays
jays game
country night
lake run

So the next time you sit down to power out a 15 page essay on the ‘Cultural Politics of Leisure’ (…what does that even mean?), be sure to turn this playlist on! You wont regret it.