Guacamole Nachos

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This post is dedicated to one of the greatest lessons I learned in university. How to cook for yourself, more specifically, how to make nachos.

These are not just any nachos though. They are without a doubt the greatest little scoopfuls of heaven you will ever have. Honestly, these nachos might change your life, so please prepare yourself.

This lesson was actually self taught, or really just accidentally happened upon by my housemate Stef and I. It was late, we were hungry, and we didn’t have any items in the fridge to make a proper meal that we could think of.

We looked through all the food in our kitchen, and laid out everything we had that might turn into a meal. They were honestly created almost by accident, and it was one of the greatest accidents we ever had!

We call them ‘Lampwoman Nachos’ because we lived on a street called Lampman, but we were a house of all females.

Now for the recipe!

You will need:

- Tortilla chips

- 1 Avacado

- Any vegetables you have handy – I used a red pepper, green pepper, and tomato.

- Salsa

- Bottled lemon juice or a lemon

- Salt

- Cheese (I used marble, others will do too though)


- Feta cheese (If you want to take your Lampwoman Nachos from amazing to mind-blowing, feta cheese is the way to do it)


1. Scoop out the avocado & mash it up with a fork

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2. Pour in lemon juice (1 tsp) from either bottled lemon juice or a real lemon – you can also use the cap to measure out roughly the same amount.

3. Add 1/2 a tsp of salt.

4. Mix it all together

BAM! You just made guacamole, look at how skilled you are! Great work!

5. Chop up vegetables into small bits (I used 1/4 of each pepper, and half the tomato)

6. Pour into guacamole bowl & mix together

7. Grate marble cheese & break up feta if you choose to use it

8. Scoop guacamole mix into tortilla chips, top with a little salsa and cheese on each.

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9. Pop in the microwave until the cheese melts (about 1 - 1.5 mins)

10. Wait a couple mins! … Yes I know its painful to wait and look at them, but they’re hot!

11. Enjoy!


Side note: If you make these after a night out, they tend to be a bit more sloppy. You could just drop the whole guacamole mix onto some chips and toss cheese all over it, generally that’s how these are made, but, for blog purposes I spooned out the mix and cheese onto every scoop.

Oh, did I mention, these are the best post-night out food? And a lot healthier than that poutine you were about to buy…

All the ingredients I used actually made a full dinner plate of nachos, I just used the small plate for demonstration purposes.

They’re really filling, so share with your friends!

You’ll probably make a number of new best friends after sharing these beauties with them.

If you made them, and liked them, post a comment to let me know!