What I Read

Tell me a year ago I would be reading blogs, or furthermore writing my own, I would have laughed. Interesting how life changes so quickly, eh?

I have a whole list of blogs I follow on Bloglovin', as well as some blog website addresses on a sticky note if for some reason they haven't enabled Bloglovin'.

I have a wide range of interests, and you can likely see that in my choice of favourite blogs to read. Some I honestly don't even read necessarily, because they're not in English! None the less, they're beautiful to look at, and I go back weekly to see what they've posted because I love them!

Let's start from the beginning. I think I vaguely remember coming across The Londoner a few times in the past, and I kinda wondered, 'what does this girl do? Post on a site about her life all the time? Odd hobby...' I honestly didn't really get it.

All it took was one week of massive procrastination during midterms and reading lots and lots of The Londoner to turn me from a 'what the hell is a blog?' person into a 'holy Jesus, this girls life is amazing, can I be you?' person.

I fell madly in love with The Londoner, and I made it a personal goal over that week of midterms to read every post of hers. I got through a couple years in chronological order, before I actually had to get school work done. Rosie has been blogging for a while, so it's quite the commitment. I'm still working on it.

Next are three blogs not even in English! Yeah, you heard that right, I really have no clue what these girls talk about, but I'm still obsessed with their blogs none the less. I would say they are just as interesting as ones you can actually read. I have at times been really curious to see what they're writing about and have gotten the general idea through a choppy translation to English over Google Translate.

First is the superrrrr popular Fotball Frue. Caroline Berg Eriksen is likely the most beautiful Norwegian alive, is the wife of a soccer star (therefore the name Fotball Frue), loves working out, has impeccably wonderful style and runs the most popular blog in Norway. 336k Instagram followers, you know, no big deal...

Te Cuento Mis Trucos is a blog I recently happened upon. Lola puts together magazine worthy outfits, and documents them beautifully! You don't need to speak Spanish to click the links to her adorable outfit pieces!

I don't even know what language Linnea Olund is in, but again, doesn't matter. The photos are beautiful and I love popping by every now and again.

Amy Elizabeth Fashion is a fairly new blog, but you can tell it's taken off like a rocket, (Congratulations Amy!) Amy was short listed for the Cosmo Blog Awards Best New Beauty Blog, and skipped off to the Cosmo night looking beautiful.

To round up blogs with the most stunning photos and outfits, I give you the goddess of prep and class, Sarah Vickers/Sarah KJP of Classy Girls Wear Pearls. A friend had been following her and equally well dressed fiance Kield James Patrick/KJP on Instagram and told me she knew I would love them both. Was she ever right, their Instagram is a little day dream of the most amazing stories, wonderfully shot mini videos, and photos.

If you're wondering why you've heard of KJP before, its likely because the whole thing started as a fashion company. The two found that when they wore pieces of clothing on their retail site, the clothes sold better. That launched the amazing Instagrams, Sarah's blog, and every girl wishing they had a KJP and adorable little New England lifestyle like them.

Now on the completely opposite side of the coin, not fashion or beauty related at all!

Allyson at MemoirOfACliche has one hell of an opinion, and she's hilarious how she expresses it in her writing! One of my sorority sisters dropped a link to her fantastic post 'If I Paid For My Friends, I Didnt Pay Enough' a little while ago, and I've been stopping by to hear what Allyson's up to, and her hilarious opinions ever since.

Alex and Taru, took life into their own hands, and went off to do exactly what it is they wanted. They sail the world, and Taru posts it all on her blog World Tour Stories so you can follow along the lifestyle. I highly recommend taking a look at their About page to hear and see more about, because I can't do the two of them justice with just my words explaining their life. Here's one of their videos to give you a taste.

Now we've talked about fashion, beauty, opinions, and travel so far, but this one is nothing like the others!

I have to admit, I can't help it, I love some brand name beautiful items like the next person, but I also have to admit the happiest people I've ever met were the ones with the least in this world.

On a service trip to the Dominican Republic I met some naturally beautiful people (how they all had perfect teeth without braces or a dentist, I do not know), who were so happy with their life, even while in small shacks, and with just one pair of shoes. These were the most grateful and kind people I've ever had the distinct pleasure to meet.

I was on the service trip on my 18th birthday, and a lady I hardly knew drove up the side of a mountain 2 hours in an old pick up truck to bring me a giant pink birthday cake from the village baker.

Now THAT was the best gift I've ever received in my life. (They even spelled Birthday wrong, but to be fair, English was a foreign language for the baker, and the people in the Dominican don't have easy access to Google Translate like we do. I loved my cake regardless of the typo).

These types of experiences have led me to an appreciation for minimalism. Now, am I a minimalist? No, I would be lying to you if I said I was. However, I really do see the benefits, and believe sometimes our possessions begin to control our lives.

So, what does this have to do with a blog I read? Meet The Minimalists.

These two men talk about everything related to minimalism. What is minimalism? I would define it as simplifying your life so you can appreciate what's important.

In fact I went to one of their tour dates this summer to hear them talk, and really enjoyed it. They don't by any means push their ideas on you, but instead share stories of their lives, and how minimalism helped them in one way or another.

You can find their tour dates here to see if they're coming by your home soon. If I've piqued your interest in this whole minimalism thing, I'll add in their Ted Talk so they can explain it further to you.