7 Signs You've Found A Canadian

7 Signs You've Found A Canadian:

1. The Lingo:

  • When at Tims (Tim Horton's) a Canadian would order "A medium double, double please," not "A medium size coffee with two creams, and two sugars."

Notice the difference? First, of course, the polite use of 'please,' and second, 'double double' indicates two creams and sugars, no need to get wordy about things here. Use "double double with milk/sweetener" to substitute the cream and sugar.

Nothing says 'Non-Canadian' like a rookie Tim's order. We order that stuff religiously, so you've got to speak Tim's language properly to fit in.

These are some other common Canadian translations:

  • May Two Four = May 24 Long Weekend/Victoria Day Weekend
  • Two Four = A 24 package of beer
  • Cottage = Cabin (the summer type)
  • Chalet = Cabin (the winter type)
  • Eh = Instantly turn your statement into a question! "That was a great day skiing, eh?"

2. Small Canadian Flags On Travel Bags:

It's said Canadian's are treated very well when traveling because people love Canadians so much! American's seem to be envious of our special treatment, and its common practice for American travelers to slap Canadian flags on their travel bags to get the same treatment the Canadian's get. (Not cool Americans, not cool).

So how can you tell who is actually a Canadian, and who is not? We're generally a modest bunch compared to our southern neighbours. Massive Canadian flag on a travel bag? That's an American. Small flag on a travel bag? Probably a Canadian. No flag at all, or just unsure? Give the person a piece of paper and ask them to write the words 'favourite, flavour, and colour.' Canadians love the letter 'u' and pop it into a bunch of words Americans dont. If there's a 'u,' they're Canadian, if there's no 'u,' they're an American.

3. Investigate Their Shopping Habits:

As a Canadian, all you need are these Canadian stores:

Lulu Lemon, Hudson's Bay Company, Canadian Tire, Tim's and of course, Roots!

Next time you visit Canada, take a wander into a Roots store. It's basically the equivalent to Canada politely smacking you in the face with its Canadian-ness.

Note: The Canadian Hockey hoodie, red plaid, and toque. The Canadian-ness of this photo of my friends was not planned!

Note: The Canadian Hockey hoodie, red plaid, and toque. The Canadian-ness of this photo of my friends was not planned!

4. Sports Participation:

Canadians will have experience or currently partake in at least one, if not many or all of these activities:

  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Hockey
  • Curling
  • Lacrosse
  • Snowshoeing

5. Drink Of Choice:

Is said person drinking a Molson Canadian beer, or Crown Royal and coke? That's a Canadian.

7 Signs You've Found A Canadian.jpg

6. Snow Shoveling:

Canadians are helpful folk. We also deal with a lot of snow. Often times you come home to your driveway/walkway clear of snow, and you didn't even lift a finger! Thanks, Canadian neighbours!

7. Sorry:

Sorry = A polite word to say when expressing sympathy, even when you're not at fault. Sorry is said so often it led to the government implementing the Apology Act of 2009. (That's not a joke, that is a real piece of legislation in Canada. Google it.)

Hypothetical Situation: A Canadian is walking in a grocery store in the U.S.A. Someone else walks into the Canadian, the Canadian moves out of the way and quietly says 'sorry.' The Canadian says it so quietly the other person doesn't even hear it, but they say it out of habit anyways.

Alright, I'll admit, that hypothetical situation was me last month, and my American friend killed himself laughing at what a stereotype I was.

Have any other ways to spot a Canadian? Leave it in the comments below!