The Worst Sorority Position Holder Ever

Some things really get to you, flip your switch, get your goat; if you will. This is one of those things. Let me explain.

(Please note that this post is not about any one person. This posts creation is due to being witness to some common errors made by position holders. Let's be honest here, if one person committed all these crimes, they would have been impeached ages ago.)

This is:

How To Not Crash And Burn As The Worst Sorority Position Holder Ever.


The 'I won election, therefore I am the *ahem* that everyone else's *ahem* ever wished it could be' attitude is the one I'm talking about here. (Replace *ahem* with a word that rhymes with hit.)

Letting it get to your head is the number 1 way to irreversibly irritate every sorority sister you have. See that high horse you're currently perched on? Yeah... Now would be a good time to get off it.

Managing People:

Being a good position holder involves two skill sets.

  1.  Being skilled in relation to the position you take. (For example, Social Chair should be good at planning events, and working with a budget. Sisterhood Chair/Standards Chair should have a high tolerance for listening to girl's problems/insecurities/general complaining, and breaking to sisters harsh realities when necessary.)
  2. Managing people! You just go put in charge of 100 girls, therefore you need to know how to work with and manage others. If you can't work with people, please just go be Finance Chair, or nothing at all.
  • If you would, take a moment to do a little self-reflection on a few people you had in leadership positions over you in the past and make a little list of:
  • 1. why that person was great, and you loved working for them, and
  • 2. why you hated that person, and why working for them was a nightmare.

Now don't just write it, put that list into action!


Listing off 25 ideas and producing nothing is equivalent to when your boyfriend tells you all the great ideas he has for your perfect Valentine's day and then actually ends up just having you over for the dinner that his mom cooked... Really? ... Really?!

If you have ideas, follow through on them. If you can't be bothered to follow through then for the love of Starbucks, don't share your ideas at all because you're just getting our hopes up, and we don't like that.

"She's Here For All The Wrong Reasons":

Please take a moment to appreciate just how many times that was ever said on The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and then led to the creation of this gem.

The popularization of the line, which during The Bachelor was related to going on the show for fame instead of love, really does apply in Sorority Position World too.

Taking on a position because you're excited to hold the position and title, and taking on a position because you're excited by the work you'll do are two very different things. 

Again, choose a position that fits your personality. If you're good at planning events, don't be secretary and waste your skills. You'll be bored.

Being bored leads to -> loosing excitement, which leads to -> producing terrible work, which leads to -> all the sisters being thoroughly annoyed with you, which then eventually leads to -> everyone secretly wishing you would just drop the position so someone else could step in and actually get the job done.

Now THAT is a harsh truth. Someone had to say it.

Know It All:

Being a 'Know It All' and not taking advice from anyone else is not a good look.

It's similar to when you ask a professor to look over your paper before the due date to give you suggestions, but you're just so exhausted and sick of writing it that you're realistically really not going to make any of the content/organization suggestions the professor makes, just maybe change the grammatical errors they find because its easy. You're guilty, I'm guilty. We're all guilty. Lets learn from that experience, shall we?

Taking advice from others is hard. Sometimes its easy to recognize that what they say is right, but you still just cant be arsed to change whatever it is.

The way to be a good position holder is to accept that you're not the All Knowing Sorority God, and when legitimate and useful points are brought up, run with them. 

Giving Credit:

Not Cool Meme

This leads me to giving credit where credit is due.

Your committee killed it and helped you out a lot? Someone gave you a great idea and you actually decided to take their advice and put it into action? Taking credit for their work is:

Everyone can see it if you're sipping mimosas while your committee members are running errands for your events.

The absolute worst Giving Credit crime to commit? When someone mentions an idea in their platform, you win the election, take their idea and make it happen, then take all the glory, pretend it was your idea all along, and leave them crying in the dust. Yep, that's the absolute worst of them all.

Remember the 100 sisters in the election room? They remember who had the idea in their platform. Though whatever idea you ran with was wonderful, it's still making you look bad if you don't make mention of, or thank your original election opponent.

Send a nice thank you card. It's an excuse to pick up some Kate Spade stationary. And who doesn't love that?

Difficult Work:

If the mixer with a fraternity is the most difficult of them all to organize - do it yourself. You're in the position of leadership, you have the honour of your face on the website, so you better darn well be doing more work than you assign to others.

So, Are you the worst sorority position holder ever?

Now as you're reading through this, if you're starting to have that creeping, sinister shadow of teasing guilt crawl over your shoulder and start a dance on it to taunt you with all the terrible atrocities you've committed against the sisters you love most, it's okay. Well I mean you did put your sisters through a semester or nonsense, but we're going to fix that.

Think, do you want everyone to secretly be gleeful when you go Alum and someone else takes over your position? Nah, didn't think so. You m'dear have two options.

  1. Drop that position like its hot, and let someone with renewed vigour take it on.
  2. Stop with the nonsense, get your act in gear, and fix the problem. Honestly, its probably not even all that difficult. Just be sure to get the proper caffeine intake, and you'll be fine.

You have one semester to make up for last semester. I even encourage you to go on a little celebratory vacation to Boca once you're done. What a great job you did!

Had a brutal sorority position holder experience? Have anything to add to this list? Get it off your chest, and leave it in the comments below!