Christkindlmarket, Chicago


Deep in the hear of the city of Chicago, sitting pretty under a giant Picasso sculpture, you'll be transported into a beautiful little German Christmas town. From late November up until December 24th Chriskindlmarket recreates a traditional German town square Christmas market.

Chriskindlmarket is adorned with thousands of little glittering Christmas lights everywhere, quaint festive huts for selling German goods, and the whole area smells of heavenly traditional food, and drink.

You can find all the essential items to be a proper German at the market. Steins, decorative mini German houses, Cuckoo clocks, and of course Lebkuchen, a.k.a, German gingerbread.

Now along with my poached egg addiction, I also have a lebkuchen/German Gingerbread addiction. The summer I spent in Germany I had at least one piece of German Gingerbread a day... Important part of the Deutsch diet dontcha know.

I cant say that I'm really a fan of the Americanized version of gingerbread. Its really not all that great. But the Germans make it differently, and oh my did those bunch get it right!

The moral of the story is; the next time you can get your paws on some German gingerbread, do it! Eat it all, without shame. Its a cultural experience.

I enjoyed a swig of some Mulled wine to wash down all my gingerbread. Mmmm, Germany!

If you missed the previous Chicago post, you can find it here! And stay tuned for a couple more posts to come from my little adventure in Chicago. I found the most guilt-free burgers in the city.