I recently finished up my all my assignments, took a final or two, packed my bags, and headed to Chi-ca-go before going home for Christmas break!

Did you read that Chicago or Chi-ca-go? Be sure to read it Chi-ca-go.

Why? Just ... because... of course.

So why of all places to visit, Chicago? 

Have you seen that movie The Vow? The one with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams? It's a favourite, and originally sparked my interest in Chicago. It painted such a romantic picture of Chicago, and showed off the young, vibrant culture of the city!

Then for some reason I kept seeing Chicago photos everywhere, (mostly the touristy Bean photos), and my passion for visiting Chicago grew and grew. So I took the fact that a lot of flights from the South to Toronto stopped in Chicago as an excuse, and treated myself to a little extended layover.

There's a few important landmarks to hit while taking a trip to Chicago. First, is the Art Institute of Chicago. (It was all dressed up in its finest Christmas attire might I add!)

At the Art Institute you can find the classics art pieces,

A handful of modern art,

I walked through art... that was a first.

And my favourite; the miniatures! Perfect, tiny rooms, scenes and homes, all wee sized!

You'll find the Art Institute is just a hop and a skip to Millennium Park. This is where you can fulfill all your touristy Chicago dreams and go snap happy with The Bean.

If you make a trip to Chicago in the summer, Millennium Park is supposed to be filled with free concerts, and outdoor movie showings. Making a winter visit? There's a free skating rink to take advantage of!

I have so much more to share with you from Chi-ca-go, so check back soon! Or subscribe by email so you always know when the latest posts go live!