YOU Can Help A Blogger

(Make sure you don't miss the giveaway at the very bottom of this post!)

Friends and family of bloggers, as well as readers are some of the most kind-hearted people around!

I find the problem is, while bloggers have such well-meaning family, friends and fans, often times people don't understand that they are the key to making a huge difference in a bloggers success!

You're such a do-gooder in the world and want to help out a blogger you love right? Great!

I'll tell you:

  1. How blogging success is measured
  2. How YOU, yes you, can help a blogger!
  3. I have an exciting giveaway waiting at the end for my most supportive blog readers!

1. How Blogging Success Is Measured:

It's all about numbers here!

  • How successful is that new blog you happened upon? The best way to find out how successful a blog is, is to go click their social links and take a peek at how many followers they have on Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, right? (Numbers!)
  • How dedicated the readership of a blog is may be measured by how many comments readers leave at the end of a post, and how many comments and interaction there is on said bloggers social media platforms! (Numberrrrs!)
  • How many sponsorships or collaborations a blogger has with brands, other blogs, and magazines, is another good indication of success too. How does a blogger begin working with companies? They show they have a large dedicated audience that trusts their opinion. (More Numbers!)

When a blogger goes to pitch themselves/their blog to a company, (and explain why company X should work with blogger Y), they need to show some previous history of consistent posts, good quality content, and that they have a following that would benefit from exposure to said company's magazine, movie, hotel, product, travel package, apparel, etc.

Having good numbers to show; website page views, social media following, email subscriber list, and lots of interaction with readers by way of many, many comments, is what really makes a difference here for the blogger!

2. How YOU, Yes You, Can Help A Blogger:

You love your favourite bloggers! You enjoy reading their posts (... while probably procrastinating from what you're supposed to be doing), you like getting their insider information on the best gifts for the holiday season, sales happening at your favourite shops, and exactly what there is to do in that new city you're planning on visiting!

So show them how much you appreciate their hard blogging work, and love 'em right back!

  • Click the the blogs social links buttons, and give them a Like or Follow!

While there's no 'Love' button on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, & Bloglovin,' there are 'Like' and 'Follow' buttons, and those are basically the same thing as a 'Love button right?

(While you probably won't get a mailed thank you card for that, just know the blogger thanks you regardless...  Now I think about it though, that would be super adorable, as who doesn't love receiving mail? Maybe I'll start on that. I'll add it to the To Do list.)

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  • Subscribe by email

Do you find sometimes life takes over... because well, its life; it has a tendency to do that, and you forget to check back with your favourite blog for a couple weeks? (It's okay, we'll accept you back to read even though you forgot about us for a while.)

To ensure you never miss a post, subscribe by email to your favourite blogs.

Now I realize that every person's inbox is basically as important as a religious worship location. However, I personally promise that I don't have the time in my life to write 5 blog posts a day, therefore you definitely wont see 'PagebyPaige' clogging up your mailbox; you'll just get a notification of a new post every few days.

(You might even find you really look forward to receiving a PagebyPaige email!)

"Sorry, what is that I should join?" "Oh good, so glad you asked!"

Think of Bloglovin' as a news feed of all your favourite blogs! You pick and choose which blogs you like, follow them, and every time a new post goes live, it shows up in your Bloglovin' news feed.

If following blogs individually isn't your thing, Bloglovin' is your one-stop-shop, or department store of blogs. Think of it like shopping (yes, I know you love that!) It's similar to the difference between driving to check out 5 different boutiques stores, or stopping in at a Macy's or Harrods to get everything in one place. Darn useful is what it is!

  • Share!

"Gosh, that post was great, Paige really got me excited about going on exchange/getting a cute dress for under $28.00/dressing up as a Christmas present for Halloween!"

When you have those moments, use the share buttons at the bottom of a post so your closest friends, or the 1,000 friend-acquaintances you have on social media, can enjoy it too!

  • Comment on posts

Why? Because bloggers love to hear from you of course!

And if you comment enough you might just becomes friends with your favourite blogger. While saying you met your boyfriend online has a stigma and might feel a little awkward to tell others, saying you met your favourite blogger and became friends online isn't!

  • Be our camera man

So you actually know a blogger do you? That's wonderful!

In order to write great posts, we need great photos to really liven things up for readers who aren't there with us in person. So be a doll, and be our camera-man for us, please? If you offer and we don't have to ask, we'll love you for it even more!



3. Giveaway Time!

I love holidays, I mean I really love holidays! Give me a reason to celebrate; I'm in!

I also love Starbucks, and Starbucks red cups, don't you? They're so festive! They're also a reminder that holidays are just around the corner, and they hold Starbucks beverage tastiness!

What does that have to do with a giveaway?

For months now I would let my friends know about new posts through my personal Facebook. However that's not very inclusive as I don't have all my other readers on my personal Facebook, so I think its high time I launched a Facebook fanpage.

Now personal friends, and reader friends alike can get PagebyPaige updates conveniently to their Facebook wall!

Enter the giveaway below by vising the new PagebyPaige Facebook Fanpage, (and liking it of course!). You'll be entered to win a Starbucks Red Cup gift card, and a personal thank you letter from me for your dedicated readership!

(You can earn extra entries for following PagebyPaige on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin', and by simply leaving a comment on this post.

It doesn't get much easier than that to earn yourself a bunch of free Starbucks drinks, and an adorable Red Cup card! Scrap book that thing once you're done with it, cause its just so cute!)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! A special congratulations goes out to Brittany W., winner of the Starbucks Red Cup Gift Card! I hope you enjoy plenty of red cup drinks over the holidays, and that they keep you cheery and warm!

FYI: theABOUTpage has been spruced up with lots of new content. Be sure to take a look!