DIY Christmas Present Costume

How To Make A Christmas Wrapping Paper Dress

I'm the committed type when it comes to Halloween costumes. Also anything to do with Christmas, I'm one die hard, dedicated girl.

I made a Christmas present wrapping paper dress one Halloween a couple years ago, and I think I've worn it for one night of "Halloweek" ever since. (Just trying to encourage Christmas to get here a little quicker by the outfit yeh know? I do what I can.)

After a thorough Facebook creep of myself, I've compiled a few of my previous Christmas present/wrapping paper costumes for you!

The dress also makes for a fabulous ABC party outfit too by the way, in case you're in the market for one of those!

Now for how to make it!

You'll need:

Mandatory Items: Wrapping Paper, Duct Tape, Scissors, Belt

Optional Items: Tinsel & Stapler (to make the tinsel dress hem), Bows, Ribbon, Santa Hat, a small Christmas wreath, Paper & Markers (to make a present label)

Step 1: Measure out how much wrapping paper you'll need. Wrap it around yourself one and a half times. Make a small rip in the paper at the one and a half wrap mark so you know where to cut.

DIY Wrapping Paper Dress.jpg
Christmas Present Halloween Costume 11.JPG

Step 2: Cut your wrapping paper. (If you have a pattern on your paper with consistent lines or graphics, it makes it easier to cut in a straight line. I cut just beside one of the rows of gold dots.)

Step 3: Fold over and crease one side of your paper & tape down. About 1/2 inch of a fold for the sides is good.

Step 4: Unroll your paper and place something on it to keep it unrolled, then you can fold over the long edges and tape them. I used a handy mason jar of forks.

Now fold over the other edges of your paper, and tape them down too.

Note: How much you fold over the long edges of the paper determines how long/short your dress will be.

Suggestion: Hold the paper up to yourself, look in a mirror and determine how long you want it to be. Remember, you can always go back once you're done with the dress entirely, fold a side over and tape more, but you cant make it any longer once you've taped it, so err on the side of caution with the length!


Once you've folded over all four sides and taped them, it should look a little something like this!



Step 5: Starting at one of the short ends, tape the inside of your dress in horizontal, overlapping strips. Then press the tape to lay flat without any bubbles. Tip: Cutting and taping smaller strips is easier than cutting long strips and laying them down without any bubbles or wrinkles.

Now would be a good time to turn on Netflix, because this is the boring, monotonous part.

Continue taping the inside of the wrapping paper until you've covered the entire thing.

Christmas Present Halloween Costume 26.JPG

Step 6: Wrap the paper dress around yourself, and fasten with a belt. (It should stay up by itself, the duct tape is quite rigid. If you'd like it more well fastened, night of your event, double side tape the top of the dress to your bra.)

Now if you find when the dress is on that its too long, fold over one of the long edges towards the inside of the dress your desired amount, and tape it down again. This will shorten your dress.


Great work! Now you're onto the fun part; decorating! It's similar to a Christmas tree really. You can fancy-up your dress however you'd like.

Here's some ideas:

1. Fasten a bow on a headband

2. Wear a Santa Hat

3. Make or purchase a little Christmas wreath to wear as a crown

4. Attach a bow to the belt

5. Cover your belt with ribbon so you cant see the belt is there. (You just made a belt invisible! "Harry, you're a wizard!")




6. Make a present label out of paper and markers. Attach to belt with ribbon




7. Tinsel the hem of your dress

To do that; lay the paper dress flat with the decorated side of the paper/the outside of your dress face up.

Place the end of the tinsel on top of the edge of the paper. Staple the wire centre of the tinsel to the edge of the paper.

Remember: Your dress wraps around you one and a half times, so if you line the entire hem with tinsel, you'll have double tinsel for part of your dress. Only staple tinsel to the portion of your dress that wraps around you once.

Christmas Present Halloween Costume 28.JPG

Your finished dress should look a little something like this!

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Hope you have a fantastic Halloween! There's a 100% chance if you wear this outfit to a party, you get my 'Best Dressed' award.