Welcome To Southern Football

One of the aspects that most excited me about living in the south was the insanity that is college football! This bunch down here takes football to a whole new extreme, borderline religion.

So what exactly goes into a college football Saturday in the south? My visiting Canadians (affectionately called 'Team Canada' by all the Americans) experienced their first day of southern football!

Football Saturdays really start on Friday with charging onto the tailgate location; tents, tables and lawn chairs in hand. Once you've claimed your tent spot, you can head home and start preparing for the next day. Baking tailgate food for the next day and picking outfits, followed by an early night is generally what the Friday before football looks like.

Saturday morning its time to rise and shine early, or if you're me, reluctantly drag yourself not-so-elegantly out of your cozy bed... I like my sleep okay?

First stop, the tailgate breakfast at a friends house; breakfast foods, maybe a couple mimosas and generally getting amped for the long and exciting day ahead.

Next, get yourself to the tailgate for more hanging with friends, exploring the over the top tents all the tailgaters set up, and enjoying a few adult beverages. Oh, and an absolute tun of tailgate foods!

Now let me take a moment to tell you about these tents. Honestly, they're craziness! Many of them look like a full fledged living room in a tent. I've seen silver vases of roses, rugs, curtains, chandeliers, TV's and satellite dishes, and the most intricate tailgate snacks all offered to you lovingly by some beautiful southern lady stating 'we've got plenty, come on in and try some!'

Outfit Details:

Dress (no longer online, similar at Asos here and 6KS here)

Hair Bow - Gracie Belle Bows (scroll to 'Large Layered School Hair Bow')

Scarf (While adorable, the absolute best part about this scarf is the price! Go on now, check it out, you'll be glad you did!)


After a full day of tailgating, thoroughly sun kissed and pleasantly stuffed from the amazing spread of food and drinks, we headed to the game itself as the sun set behind the stadium.

Saturday football game days are a marathon here people, not a sprint.

Though I wouldn't say I have any extreme passion for the game itself (where's the hockey at?), the games here are a full production, so pretty entertaining regardless of the sport being played.

The game involves everything properly American you would expect; dedications to military personnel, lots of cheerleading on the sidelines, and even a half time show presenting important ladies of the university in full ball gown regalia.

We trooped through and made it until the very end of the game a few hours later. (I'll call that a success Team Canada!)

The Rebels pulled out yet another win; undefeated for the season!

Thanks for visiting Team Canada, let's do it all over again next year?