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I'm Paige, It's lovely to meet you

Hometown: Toronto, Canada  •  Current City: Hannover, Germany  •  Age: 25
Number of Countries Visited: 20+  •  Profession: Pro wine sampler & napper, semi-pro website designer


Right in the middle of undergrad exam period this gal managed to do everything except study. While binging on travel blogs the thought crossed my mind 'I could definitely do that.' Page by Paige was created in 2014 quite simply because I didn't want to study.

Before the blog I headed to England for an exchange semester, spent every weekend exploring new cities and decided 'this is exactly how I want to spend my life.' My love for experiencing new places led me to apply to grad school internationally and I spent the next two years completing my M.A. at Ole Miss in the south. Page by Paige followed along as I learned about southern culture, attended the most unbelievable tailgates, and graduated.

During my time in the south I met the now-boyfriend who just so happens to be German. In an effort to turn on-Skype dates into in-real-life dates, I picked up a work and travel visa and moved abroad again right after graduation. I now live in the beautiful city of Hannover, Germany.

To help fund my life abroad I opened a website design studio. Like this site? I built it! Stop by my studio to see my other work.

I have (if I do say so myself) an impressive ability to find 'excuses' to take trips and live abroad without ever breaking the bank. 

I’m on a mission to help others solve the questions ‘How to start traveling?’ and ‘How to incorporate travel into my regular life?’ I find that so often, others have dreams of getting up and going somewhere, but struggle with just how to make that happen.

This blog is here to help. Let's get you on the road friend.


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