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Originally from Toronto, I've spent months at a time living abroad in Germany, England, and am currently in the Southern States!


Page by Paige encourages readers to incorporate travel into their regular life and act on their travel dreams. I created Page by Paige to help others travel well, and travel often.

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Let me tell you a quick story... it all relates back to the purpose of the blog, you'll see. 

When I took off to adventure abroad in England in 2012 I was ecstatic to meet like-minded acquaintances who also valued travel the way I did. While on a weekend trip, I was sitting on a bunk bed in a hostel in Edinburgh, as two Australian girls told me their story, and I was charmed listening!

They saved a little money, secured a travel visa, and off to Europe they went, working odd jobs, and creating vibrant memories with every country they stopped in. There was delight in their voices as they energetically described their travels, and joy in knowing they had taken the steps to live life exactly the way they had dreamt it. They packed their lives and headed out to see the world, not allowing themselves to be held back by regular life constraints. Those girls became a source of inspiration.

Now, I will be the first to accept that trekking through Europe for months on end is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people enjoy their steady paycheck, and a settled life; there’s no harm in that. There are many of you however searching “How to travel the world,” hoping the Google Gods will send you off on a plane to Costa Rica tomorrow.  

I hope to show you that it is completely possible to incorporate travel into your regular life! In fact, I am always seeking out and seizing opportunities to travel. I find these opportunities so often that “Paige, where did you get back from this time?” “How do you travel so often?” and “Do you even go to school/work?” are lines I hear frequently.

This blog provides those living ordinary lives the resources and inspiration to act on their travel dreams, and create an exceptional, fulfilling life. May it be a weekend trip, or a longer adventure, the time to start was yesterday! … However today will do too.


Paige's Story


At 15 I nervously packed my little suitcase, and headed to Nuremberg, Germany to live with a friends family for a summer. Upon arrival I realized the culture was charmingly different, the aged houses and castles spotted about the countryside were beautiful, and the food was scrumptious!

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After that summer, once back in Canada, life was ordinary, and so very not the same as when I was excitedly exploring, and getting lost down cobble stone streets. The people I met in Germany had a whole other lifestyle I was interested to learn, and unfamiliar experiences to share.

Years later, I had another chance to live abroad when the option of an exchange study abroad semester during university came up. It wasn’t an easy decision though, my life was more settled, I had a job, my friends were wonderful, and I was content. But…

Ships are safe at harbor, but that’s not what ships are for
— William Greenough Thayer Shedd

With a push in the right direction from my sister, I headed off again, this time to England. In those five months I met like-minded friends who happily took spontaneous weekend trip with me, engaged in enthusiastic late night discussions, and loved a good party.

I felt that I was right where I should be, and travel was incorporated into my daily life again. I looked at every weekend as an opportunity, and hopped on the train to go explore as much as school allowed … or skipped class. (Worth it).

I found that while abroad I got into what I call now call my 'travel mindset', when traveling comes easily, and there’s no nerves about booking a ticket. I was exactly the version of myself I wanted to be, while exactly where I wanted to be.

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Since then, I’ve looked to find new and inventive ways to live and travel, as unfortunately I’m not blessed with a travel money tree. When I went to apply for Graduate School I again wanted to go to school internationally.

Currently I am completing my M.A. in the Southern States, meeting fellow travel-lovers, and finding any window of time I can for a trip.

Aside from my blog, I work as a web designer at my shop, The Paige Studio. Like this site? I built it! I'd be happy to create something beautiful for you as well! Contact me here to chat website design.

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  • Hometown: Toronto, ON
  • Traveled To: 20+ countries
  • Down Time: Snoozin' in the sun
  • Style: Anything with a bow
  • Sport: Skiing
  • Home Decor: Fresh Flowers
  • Red or White Wine? White

Travel makes me cheery, provides a purpose and passion in my life, and makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning. I find that so often, others have dreams of getting up and going somewhere, but struggle with just how to make that happen.

I’m on a mission to help others solve the questions ‘How to start traveling’ and ‘How to incorporate travel into my regular life’!

I’m not asking you to quit your stable job, and sell your life’s possessions. I am however asking you to stop saying “I can't” and have a more can-do attitude towards making your travel dream a reality. (Because you can!)

Travel is for you, travel is for me, travel is for anyone ready to direct their life and live out their dream.

Because you have one life to live, so don’t waste it... (Did you just hear that mic drop?)

I hope to one day bump into the new travel-capable you, just like I did those backpackers in Scotland, so we can swap stories, and grab a few drinks!

Let’s go! Find travel resources here!